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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] How did you attract/address your audience? Looking back on my magazine, although I believe my target audience was reached, I think that I would've changed a few things if I had the time so that the audience was more obvious. I perhaps would've incorporated some form of blue with in my colour scheme. This is because it is stereotypically a masculine colour meaning that the magazine would be associated with men straight away. looking back on my image selection, although believe that attention is caught, I would've like to have take some successful long/mid shot pictures enabling the models figure to be shown off which will also link back to typical features of a male magazine. I found the artists used particularly appealing, really caught my eye. Harry, Aged 16 The story really appealed to me, It made me think and admire the artist. Luke, Aged 19 My eye was caught from a far with the front cover, really drew me in, I found the model attractive,would've been nice tosee her figure Mason, Aged 20 The general response Ireceived based on bothmy content and layout was positive. People seemed to like thecoverlines I created as well as the way it waspresented as it wasn't to crowded. I'm not keen on using redas part of the colour scheme.Perhaps try another colour. When planning, I ensured to choose things such as a female model to base my images and double page spread on as this will automatically draw in my target audience. I also planned on making sure that my text wasn't in large chunks as this could be off putting for my intended audience. Would maybe like to seesome kind of sporting or celeb news section involved? It caught my eye, could experimentwith something more daring? Looking back on my audience feedback, I am happy with the overall response my magazine recieved. Thestructure seemed to work as it wasn't too overpowering for readers; another thing I am pleased with was the responsemy story received. I felt that the audience enjoyed reading about someone which wasn't fake and actually at timeshow the male population make females in the limelight feel. Byusing a story like this was a risk as males find it boring however, seeing as the age group is now becoming mature, I felt that this story would give them the opportunity to think.
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