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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Causes and Course of European Exploration and Discovery Spain Portugal Both Portugal wanted to find an Eastern passage to India around Africa to access trade much easier. Monarchs wanted to extend control overseas,so colonies would have more power. The Caravel and the Astrolabe made it possible to sail in the wind and helped strengthen navigational techniques. What did they do? Columbus wanted to sail westward toIndia for trade. At the end of Spains crusade against muslims, Spain finally pushes Muslims out and wanting to further the spread of christianity, spain sent explorers to gain new converts. Spains empire in the Americas grew rapidly afterCortez conquered Mexico in 1519. Spaniards desire for gold led them to mainland where they encountered and overthrew the Aztec and Inca states. The Spaniards also brought their language and the catholic religion to theIndians of the lands they conquered. With the Catholic church losing support because the reform movement,Jesuits were sent out to find new followers of Catholicism. Pedro Cabral established Portugals first colony in Brazil At this time the economy was based on sugar, black slaves, and gold. Gold was brought from Africa and sold in Europe, Slave Trade was big in Europe and many countries took slaves from the new world to bring to Europe. Prince Henry The Navigator financed voyages of exploration: to expand Christianity, find gold and riches Portugal's interest in overseas ventures motivated them to explore. Spain became increasingly involved in the African slave trade during the early 1500's, after they had established colonies in the Americas.
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