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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Use Aurasma to scan this image!! Technology In the Classroom: A Quick (nonchronological) Tour!!! Technology In the Classroom: A Quick (non-chronological) Tour!!! Start! TPACK - Repurposing is key: Social media and cellphones can actually be used in school as learning tools!- Technology allows for more fun, engaging, and meaningful lessons. - Aursama - QR Codes - Popplets - Word Clouds - Digital Storys: *StoryBird *Animoto OVERVIEW: Digital Storytelling: As an English teacher, I think that digital storytelling is going to be a great way to allow my students to have fun in my class and let their creative juices flow, while still meeting crucial writing standards. Now that I have a greater understanding of technology, I will be able to use the TPACK model in my lesson planning. I have already been very aware of my strengths in my content and pedagogy, but now that I have furthered my technology knowledge, I will be able to better apply tech in my classroom as an instructional aid to my content. SCAN ME!!!!
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