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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The intelligent and creative group The intelligent and creative group is a company dedicated to the automation of homes and companies with two types of systems which are LUTRON and AMX, these automation systems are designed to receive orders through different devices, these devices can be anything from an intelligent phone (Smartphone) to a Tablet or remote that the system requires, so it's like these two systems complete their tasks Elasticities DANIELA CHÀVEZ VÀZQUEZDIEGO EDUARDO FLORES CRÙZMELISSA ARIADNE LÓPEZ BERNALSAUL MATA LEÓN RICARDO LÓPEZ PINEDA Lutron is an advanced lighting system that helps to save energy by regulating the electrical charges which commands, this system has the option to activate when the user requires and can be activated through anywhere with a Smartphone or Tablet that customer use and all these are done through Internet. Substitution effect that makes a consumer to changes in the price of the good or service offered by our business.Income effect on consumers to changes in the price of the good or service offered by our business.Identifies the type of preference that presents the consumer for the good orservice offered by our business.Customer preference is strict since we are the only company selling this service. AMX The type of property that handles the company is a consumer durableThe type of property that handles the company is a consumer durable.This within the inelastic demand because we are the only company that sells this service.Even though the price is high it is flexible too because costs may decrease a percentage but this might attract new customers.It is considered a substitute and luxory thing. Sector The main macroeconomic variables that will impact on the growth of the company are: Inflation: this refers to the widespread and sustained increase in prices of goods and services in the country.Exchange rate and currency: it is a very important point and that's where we derive our trade prices.It belongs to the industrial sector, we believe belongs to this sector since our purpose as a company is to transform your house a conventional home to one that is controlled by one or more electronic devices such as the iPad, smartphones, or some tablets. We accomplish install software on smart devices, and hardware We are known for being a social responsible company that is committed to the care of environment.
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