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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top Ten Common Household Hazards & Prevention 1. Throw rugs on the floor. -Rugs are easily lifted when feet get under them. To prevent this, tape them down.2.Wires and cords all over the floor. -A wire may be hard to see, or can get tangled up around the leg when walking. Coil wires next to the wall off the floor.3.Uneven boards on steps. -Because the floor isn't flat, elderly tend to loose their balance on an uneven surface. Fix the uneven steps by hammering them in better. 1. Tripping over rugs. Feet tend to get caught under rugs, causing them to trip. Tape down the rug.2. Cords all over the floor. When walking legs tend to get caught up in cords. Coil Cords and put against wall and off the floor.3. Uneven steps. When a surface is not even elderly tend to loose balance. Fix steps to were they become even. 4. Not enough lighting. When people can't see their pathway they tend to trip over things. Put more lighting in places needed.5. Kitchen utensils in high reach. When trying to reach for something high elderly tend to loose their balance.Put stuff you use regularly in comfortable reach.6.Wet floors. Floors become slick so some tend to loose foot placement and fall. Keep floors dry.7. Trouble getting in and out of tub. When there is nothing to hold on to elderly tend to fall and hurt themselves.Put up handrails.8.Less exercise. When using less of the body it tends to become weak. Exercise more so the body is stable.9.Having poor vision. Its hard to see were to walk, which causes falls. Get vision checked frequently. 10. Loose handrails on stairs. Older people use them for support. When they are loose they tend to move and throw them off balance. Make sure handrails are tight.
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