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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Our Plants Date palm- Its a tree usually found in the dessert Photosynthesis- It adapts through its thin leaves resisting the heat radiation comming from the sun andnits ecosystem. Narra tree- know for its hard and thick woodPhotosynthesis- Its thick wood transports and supplies the tree for it to grow a lot of leaves and grow taller Pollution causes acid rainGlobal warming Saraca- Its tree bears a lot bunches of flowers.Photosynthesis- Its numeros number of flowers has become one of its advantage to be grow, since its flowers produce a lot of nutrients, most esspecially glucose Agricultural practices PH Rice Non-Organic -Avoids rottening the plant because of pests-grows faster-nourished properly -An oraganic plant would be more healthy because there are no chemicals involved-Less expense Organic Bad human activities that affect the environment: Rice plant characteristics PH: -Optimum yield potential and stability over seasons -Resistance or tolerance to major diseases, insects, and other stresses (i.e. drought and flood) of the area -The right growth duration (maturity length) to match the season Tech and pratices to increase rice production (IRRI): Fertilizer: -fish-feces-bones Makes photosynthesis more efficient because of the amount of nutrients it supplies. Forest ecosystems:- Marginal Ecosystem_a flat piece of land, for agricultural use -Agricultural Ecosystem_ its a a terrace where you plant rice, corn and etc. Fertilizers affect the ecosystem in a way that the growth rate of the animals and plant are higher Made by:Lance Ramos Yeo 9H
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