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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Exchange Participants' Booklet Global Citizen volunteer work 6-8 weeks SocialImpact Countries Turkey Malaysia Poland China Turkey China Meet My Friend "We are young" summer camp Education in the Summer Camp. You will prepare for classes and educational activities for the Camp in a school in Chengdu to influence life of children. You need to arrange course contents and the activities likegames, drama performance and film dubbing to encouragestudents to speak English and to arouse confidence in students, providing them with a broader view LogisticsArrival receptionAirportAIESEC support for intern to reach final destinationWe will send members to pick up EPs at the airport.FoodNot providedTransportation infoPartly providedThe Bus is free from Chengdu to the Winter Campbecause the school provides the bus for us.Accommodation infoProvided Malaysia A program run in partnership by AIESEC Malaysia, and SOLS 24/7,the TechCycle initiative targets electronic waste and the digitaldivide between the rich and poor rural communities in Malaysia.The program will raise awareness about e-waste and technologicalilliteracy, provide educational materials and instruction to needyNGOs working with the poor , and will collect, repair , and redistribute technology free of charge! Logistics:Arrival reception:Train stationFoodNot providedTransportation info:Partly providedAccommodation info:Provided Tech4all Poland World Talks is national project of AIESEC in Poland designed to provide leadership experiences for volunteers while supporting Polish educational sector in teenager's development. Polish social problems:Young people have bareer in practical, every day usage of English and/or other languages. Language classes in polishschools do not prepare for practical language daily usagePolish youths have to pay for extra-curriculum language classes, esp. for exams preparation not everyone can afford itMission:Enabling every young person in Poland to gain practical langauge communication skills for free Your role:Setting personal goals conected with language studying for every participant at the beginning of workshop cycle.Conducting vocabulary quiz weekly (monitoring progress).Students prepare all the longer written forms set in final test's standards – EP to check and give feedback.Conducting the communication skills languageOrganizing Langauge Speed TablesDescribing picturesStudents preparing theme scenesStudents get to know the basics of the EP's country (history, culture, geography) – in teams they conduct research on this topic, prepare presentations about it and deliver in English.Intern will be working with groups of 15-25 teenagers. The workshops should be divided into age groups (kids age: 12-18), concerning the children's level of development.Volunteer will work from Monday to Friday for max 6 hours. Volunteer will change school every 1-3 weeks. World Talks LogisticsArrival receptionBus stationFoodOne mealTransportation infoNot providedAccommodation infoProvided and coveredAccommodation will be provided in the dorm or host's house (during working on winter camp). All interns will have:separate bedset of clean bed liningpillow and duvetspace for personal belongingsaccess to Internetspace in the frigde Administration fee 20.03 - 26.03 4200 soms 300 soms for Outgoing Preparation Seminar is 50% of fee Dates: Contacts: Aizhan Maratova Lithuania Lithuania Our summer project offers high school students, aged between 15 and 17 years, the opportunity to get engaged in a challenging learning process with other peers. This years camp will take place from June 27th until July 19th (2015) in different venues in Kaunas.Our programs aims to enhance high school students self-confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills and gain cultural awareness and international experience through direct work with international volunteers.During the intensive 9-days programs, 60-70 high school students come together to learn and develop high priority soft skills through experiential methods with guidance from our international volunteers.We will have home-group and age-group based division of high school students in a camp which means each international volunteer will directly work with 10 15 pupils of similar age during entire program duration. It ensures more engaging a& exciting experience for the students due to closer personal connections with other pupils and international volunteer which increases overall quality of project delivery. LogisticsArrival receptionNo arrival infoAIESEC support for intern to reach final destinationNo support infoFoodOne mealTransportation infoProvidedWe will meet you in Kaunas city, help to find all transportations and information about arrival.Accommodation infoProvided and covered Summer camp "Around the World" +996 558 543 254
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