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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Innovation Entrepreneurship Turn-key Revolution The Innovation Engine The innovation engine consists of knowledge, imagination, attitude-Knowledge provides the fuel for your imagination.-Imagination Is the catalyst for the transformation of knowledge tonew ideas.-Attitude is a spark that sets the engine in motion.These are the tools needed to spark a revolution! Entrapreneurial Seizure -Many believed that the success of a business laid in the value of the product it sells, trade name franchisersbelieved it laid in the value of the brand name itwas licensing. -Business format franchises, which have proven to be the mostsuccessful differ from both because they believe that value lies in not what it sells, but how it sells (ex.Mcdonalds). -The real product of a business is the business itself. -Businesses usually fail due to over enthusiastic individuals who knowthe technical aspects of the businessand believe that this alone is enoughto start and successfully run a business. -Any successful business is multi-faceted and each area needs to be tended to. Personalities Adolecense -During the adolescence phase, businesses are often times pushed out of their comfort zones which can be a making or breaking period.-Getting small- When a company is being pushed too far out of their capacity they often times revert to their original functioning power by cutting size and operational function. & Businesses consist of multiple facets. In order to have a successfuloperation there must be a balance between all the different personalitiesinvolved in it. The Entrepreneur-The visionary with a big plan, he keeps the company's dreamalive and in motion.The Manager-The pragmatic man of the operation who works for the dream by organizing the operations making sure all is functioning as it shouldThe technician-The workhorses of the business, without them there would be nofoundation. They do their work with no interest in the dream or other aspects of the organization, they take the task in front of them and do the best possible job.
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