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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fierce Girl Playing Hopscotchby Alice Fulton You sway like a crane to the tunes of tossed stones.I am what you made to live infrom what you had: hair matted as kelp, bad schools.Oh, you will never know me. I wave and you goon playing in the cloudsboys clap from erasers. I am the pebbleyou tossed on the chalked space and war-danced toward, one-leg two-leg, arms treading air.In this, your future, waves rechristen the seaafter its tiny jeweled livesthat hiss Us Us to the shore all day.Wheres the kid called Kateydid? the moonfacedKewpiedoll? The excitable poutingZookie? The somber O-Be-Joyful?Lost girl, playing hopscotch, I will do what you could.Name of father, son, ghost. Cross my heart and hope.While the seas jewels build shells and shellschange to chalk and chalk to loam and goldwheat grows where oceans teetered. Poem Analysis: The speaker feels alone, being compared to a pebble "tossed on the chalked space". To escape her sadness, the poet uses hopscotch. The speaker, a child, makes up nicknames that relate to her friends (i.e. "round faced doll"). She gets lost in her own little world, according to line 15. The last 3 lines show that there's always growth. Structure of the poem: There are 4 stanzas in the poem. Each stanza has 3-6 lines. Thereis no rhyme scheme in this poem. There is a shift in the 4th stanza. The poem is negative until the last 3 lines in the poem.
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