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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The "War on Terrorism" Meatpackers in the early and late 1900s neglected their workers rights, sanitation, and environment Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Malcolm X fought in amisguided way for whatwas right. He should havejoined other leadersto be more effective. The U.S. neglected basic human rights,which is completelywrong. In Rendition and Taxi tothe Dark Side, Arabianslost their civil rights,which everyone shouldhave in my opinion. The Jungle, Johnny Got His Gun, Milk & X My Father served 3years in the militaryas a MP; he oftencomplained aboutpoor conditions andpoor treatment. HOW IT ALL AFFECTED ME Since September of 2012, Since September of 2012,there have been 1.6million soldiers deployed,670,000 have servicerelated disabilities. In Johnny Got His Gun, Joe wasinhumanely kept alive. Being forced tolive in agony and pain for the rest ofyour life without any choice is unfair. I have attained Eagle Scout in theBSA, and I Firmly believe in theScout Law, link below. Both Milkand Malcolm X fought for similar principles to this Law. Thisconnects to my life in that I nowshape some of my ideas and moralsaround their ideas. The U.S. tried to exclude thesepeople from the agreements fromthe Geneva Conventions, which ismorally wrong. I also agree withZinn, in that war is just terrorismwith a larger budget. Meatpackers were knowingly breaking the law. They hadto bribe the inspectors in order to continue. There needs tobe better systems to check for government corruption. Harvey Milk inspired me. I'mpro-gay rights, everyonedeserves the same rights.I believe in his tactics andplatform. I would havesupported him. TheForgotten Class This semester through my eyes Jeremy Masterson 1° Kautsch
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