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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 development and power of media through the internet allow fame to grow and exist like never before 30% of adults regularly daydreaming and being famous Fame? 6 out of 10 people would rather choose money then 300k but never get famous or get famous for a good cause but there will be no financial gain fame yet ironically when the fame does come people want more privacy health money fame time when asked to rank money, health, fame and time yearning for fame high low age young old More than 40% enjoy some passing dose of their fame ? ? ? only one or two in 100 rate fame as their mostcoveted goal In media-rich urban centers, the drive to stand out tends to be more oriented towards celebrities The participants in the study who focused on goals tied to others approval, like fame, reported significantly higher levels of distress than those interested primarily in self-acceptance and friendship. After studying a group of 1,032 sixteen-year-olds, a team of UK researchers determined that more than half had no desire to go into professions that didnt involve being a celebrity. Is being famous the highest possible achievement in todays world? Is this the whole purpose of life itself? among people who want to be famous or who are famous is there constant need for attention. It is as if they have no identity other than the one that is given to them by other people. As a child, you are egocentricand have needs such as being loved, being accepted and also emotions and since they are incapable of doing it themselves, they rely on others As they grow and needs are not met, it will affect ones present day needs, wants and behaviour And when one regresses to these needs today, it is like an abyss; these needs can never be met directly and will only lead to obsessive and compulsive behaviour. This was awhile back and results may change since 300k today is not as much compared to in the past And just like how a child can only be regulated through other people, people that desire fame also often exhibit this inability to regulate themselves. "Fame is something that is bestowed upon you because of success. Success is something you have to chase."Noel Gallagher
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