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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Collaboration solutions are widely used... ...many employ several different solutions... ...these solutions are oftenhighly complex and far fromuser-friendly... ... for this reason businesses simply accept security risks... ...or staff rely on freewareand personal collaboration tools Leaks: Non-complianceoffences, errors inexchanging documents, mis-sent mail, etc. are often the biggest threats Do you have the freedom to choose between the delivery models? Do you have an effective encryption technology forimportant documents? double click to change this header text! As there is no one-model-fits all, being able to choose between different delivery models(Cloud based, On-Premise or Hybrid) yet also benefiting from quality solutions that are cost-effectiveand tailored to internal regulations and compliance is of great importance. Exchanging, sharing, modifying and saving as well as editing and transferring importantdata are sensitive processes during which security must be absolutely guaranteed. Have data access permissions been clearly defined forall staff? Compliance guidelines and legal requirements are one thing. But a good collaboration solutionmust be able to keep tamper-proof records and keep transparent control over all its activitiesin the workspace. Can you manage your documents even beyond theborders of your company? When handling PDF documents, it is possible to control printing, copying and pasting and offlineaccess even when these documents are no longer held on the original file-sharing platform. Are your businesss collaboration solutions actuallyaccepted by the users and integrated into their processes? Even the best and safest tools are of no use if they are cumbersome and complex to use.Ideally, nowadays it should be possible to use IT tools intuitively and without training. Is your solution flexible? Departments do not all work in the same way; processes and requirements change sometimesvery quickly. Staff will want to work securely on smart-phones and from home. Conceptionsof data security and back-up change over time, and advanced functions (e.g. electronic signaturesand archiving) have to be integrated. Secure Collaboration checklist Secure collaboration in the cloud? For sure! X X X X X X Quelle: OODRIVE,
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