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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Engineering design process The engineering design process can have a lotof different definitions because different peoplesview on it. But from all the sites I've looked at theyall have the same steps. And from what I've read you have to keep an open-mind and view all the possibilities and respect other opinions, and ideas. Step 1 Identify the needs and constraints, find the problem. Step 2 Research the problem, this is important how are you suppose to solve somethingyou know nothing about? Step 3 Brainstorm. To solve problems this is critical. But you wanna make sure you have the requirements to do so. Step 4 Solution time. Don't expect success the first time because that's not the case. Just remember failure can bring out what you need to change in your design. Step 5 One of the most important thing is aprototype. Some of the most famous engineers in the world used and builtprototypes. They are key. Step 6 You have to test prototype, becausehow are you suppose be able to redesign andreach your goal. Step 7 When you refine the design, make sureyou use good material. Like things thatyou can recycle, because the point is to help the world. Recycling is a big part of that. Step 8 Test and redesign. keep testing untilyour machine reaches its goal and fixes the problem, but if you feel like it coulddo better keep redesigning until your satasfied. You've made it down the road of success and to the beginning of a better world!Keep exploring new ways to help the world! Sites that helped me: curriculum for The cool thing about the engineeringdesign process is that you can repeatit as many times as you need to, and once your satisfied you can jump out of the process.
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