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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Annual Salary Electrical Engineering * $97,870 Electrical engineering is involved with power generation, storage and transmission. It is focused on appliances and devices that use electricity,and electricity applications that are used in signal processing. Electrical engineering is for creative,inquiring and analytical minds. These engineers need to have a detail oriented mind and be skilled in math. Companies: LG, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Raytheon, Texas Instruments Degree Required:Bachelor's degree (4 years)Advanced careers:available with a Master's degree(Bachelor's +2 years) Citations Salary and Career Info for a Masters in Electrical Engineering. (n.d.). Retrieved December 4, 2014, from Career Cornerstone Center: Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine. (n.d.). Retrieved December 4, 2014, from Careers in Electrical and Computer Engineering. (n.d.). Retrieved December 4, 2014, from Coltan is an element of conflict since ithas a such great value and abundancein less developed areas of the world. The majority of all electronic devices have Coltan in them somehow weather it be in their batteries or in the form of a capacitor. Electrical engineers work with these all the time as capacitors are commonly used to help with distribution of energy in controlled spurts. Electrical Engineer Currently employed at Raytheon Bachelor's degree earned from Georgia Tech Interview: Joel Roper He enjoys his job and it pays well, so he wishes to be an engineer until he retires. His inspiration for becoming an engineer came from hisenjoyment of solving problems and creating things. He chose to be an engineer because it was the main major at Georgia Tech
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