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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WORDS TO LIVE BY AUSTIN DEMNY STRENGTHS QUEST IncluderDeveloperSignificance Positivity Belief American Strong since 1989 ENFP COLD HARD FACTS BE WILD. BE FREE. SPEAK TO DRY BONESCHASE THE WIND. HEAR THE MUSIC Gender: ManNationality: AmericanEthnicity: AmericanAge: 25Favorite Race Car Driver: Dale Personality Type Encourager: 9 Server: 8 STORY What are you fighting for? I want Freedom. I want to free peoples hearts. To correct enslaving views of the Father with His actual love and kindness. To proclaim liberty. To speak into the depths of peoples hearts, and exchange a spitit of heaviness forlaughter. I want to have fun. To make others laugh. To smile. CORE MOTIVATIONS CENTRAL MOTIVATIONAL MOTIVATED ABILITIES RECURRING SUBJECT MOTIVATING CIRCUMSTANCES OPERATING RELATIONSHIP RESULTS MATTER DevelopInfluence BehaviorGain RecognitionImproveShape/Influence InfluencingDeveloping/CreatingProducingBeing People Competitive (testing/combative)Visible (audiences, recognition) As part of a community or team effort. CONCLUSION: I am motivated by gaining recognition, and using the influence to make groups of people more alive. SKILLZ ENCOURAGINGMOTIVATINGINSPIRING TRUSTDEVELOPING RAPPORTINFLUENCE OTHERSCOUNSELINGWRITE CLEARLYPUBLIC SPEAKINGWORSHIP LEADINGSONGWRITING Designer/Creator Writing; composing music; songwriting; creating games.Performer Enjoys using skills to entertain audiences.Host Enjoys making people feel welcomed and comfortable within a specific environment Who do you want to be? I want to be wild. Be Free. Be playful. I want my life to be a beacon of love. I want to beauthentic. Unbridled. Running like wild horses.Blowing like the wind. Flying like eagles. I want to be a pirate, with only the open seas in frontof me. I want to breathe life into dry bones. I want to live and breathe the Fathers love. To run in open fields. I want to fly. A voice for this generation.It is for freedom...No more guardians.Life and life abundant.He will bring it. Be Wild.Be Loved.Where's your heart?Christ in You.Anywhere with you. "THE SPONTANEOUS IDEALIST" -Creative, lively, open-minded, humorous,contagious, inspires, fun, warm, friendly.-life is an exciting drama; quick to become bored.-Variety, challenges, and fun are important ingredients.-To much routine, to much detail, and one project jobs are not your thing. "THE ENTHUSIAST" Concerned with your life being an adventure.Future oriented, restless people who are convinced that something better is just around the riverbend.Reluctant to narrow down options.Afraid of the power of negative states of mind.Enjoy the pleasures of the senses. IDEAL JOB CLIMATE - people - variety - freedom of expression - freedom to move- a democratic work environment - activities to get folks attention- projects needing you to motivate and persuade people PREFERRED ROLES SPIRITUAL GIFTS "There is a fiery EVANGELIST inside of you." "The Lord is shaping your PASTORAL heart." "WISDOM is your gift." YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN A VOICE AFFECTIONS The Night Sky. The Ocean. Sunsets at The Hill. Coffee. Christmas Lights. Stillness. The Chapel. Laughing. The Ambiance of a Music Venue. The West. Mountains. The Open Sea. Small Town Squares. Adventure. Exploring. "To Shepherd broken and burdened hearts into the Freedom Wildness of Christ through authentic expression, and creating contagious community." I was made to be wild. To sing songs that open hearts. To create spaces that stir souls. To express the beauty of a good Father. To lead others into fun and play. To make people come alive.To give them a home... To set hearts free.
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