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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Energy consuption sector-homes and buildings consumes 41.6 percent of the energy in the United States today. Heating and Cooling The ability to maintain sector is one of the most important accomplished of modern technology. -Natural gas, electricity and heating oil.-Payback period.-Electricity.-Energy Efficiency Rating, SEE. Saving energy on heating and cooling Maintenance:reduce cost. Programmable: thermostatsregular temp. Insulation:reduced airinfiltration. Caulking and weatherstripping:the exchange of air its import. District Energy Systems Where are many buildings its more efficienta central heating and cooling, Which is called a district enegy system. -Can increase from 30 to 90 %.-Reduce emissions by 50 to 60 %.-Renovables energy reduced even more a major benefit.-In the next 25 years district energy will double their current outpout. Geoexchange Systems Geothermal heat pumps, or geoexchange units as they often called can used low temperature geothermal energy to heat and cooling buildings. -Cost more to install.-Reduced heating cost by 30-70 %. and cooling costs by 20-50 %-There are more than one million . geothermal systems.-In 2023 estimates more than 10 million will be equipped. Building Design Making optimum use of the light andfrom the sun is becoming more prevalent, specially in commercial buildings. -Maximum exposure (south-facing windows to capture energy.-Using materials that can absorb and store heat,more energy efficiency. -The D-E-N-R has developed computer programs-Many ways to increase efficiency. Lightning Lighting is essential to a modern society, its have revolutionized our lifes. -Incandescent bulbs by Thomas Edison.- are common in homes now.-Most light bulbs are used in some kind of fixture. Compact fluorescent bulbs Appliances Appliances have revolutionized the way that we spend our time at home. N-A-E-C. -water heating: use more energy than any other task-Refrigerator:have change the way we live and brought health benefits-Washer and Dryers: do our lives easiest-Appliance Efficiency Ratings: we use many appliances every day.E-E-R. Cost more to buy, in future more efficiency. Petroleum Refining Refineries need energy to convert crude oil into transportation fuels. Nine percent of the energyin the crude oil. . Steel Manufacturing Steel industry consumes about three percent of total u.s. energy. -1975, the steel industry has reduced its energy by 45%.-The increasd use of recycled steel also saves energy. Aluminium Manufacturing It takes huge amount s of electricity to make aluminium from bauxite or aluminium ore. Requires 6-7 kw/h to convert one pound of bauxite into aluminium.Today it requires 58 % than 40 years ago. Paper Manufacturing The U.S. uses enormous amounts of paper every day and energy is requiredin every step.To produce a ream (500 sheets) of copy paper requires 27500 Btu of energy (two gallons of gasoline). Chemical Manufacturing Are essential to our life. We use medicines for many things -Uses natural gas, coal, and oil.-Also need a hydrocarbon source of raw material. Cement Manufacturing New roads and buildings are being built everywhere, every day. Concrete is made from cement, water, and crushed stone. -Is a energy-intensive industry.-30 yers ago cement plants all burned fossil fuel.-Its reduced by more than one-third.-Modern cement plant can meet between 20 and 70 %. The Automobile The people in the united states have always had a love affair with the automobile. Until the embargo of the 1970, Americians drove without throught of fuel economy of enviromental impacts. -Mileage Requirements: Most of the improve-ments in automobile efficiency have been the result of mandates by the federal govern- ment. Vehicles are now more efficiency.-Alternative fuels: is also a push for develop vehicles to run on fuels other tan petroleum products or on blended fuels. Refueling infrastucture Consumer Education Commercial Transportation The United States is a large country. We use a lot of energy moving goods and groups from one place to another -Trucks use more transportation fuel than any other commercial vehicle. New trucks are efficiency.-Planes: use petroleum products for fuel, which is the largest cost item for air transportation after labor. The efficiency have more than doubled (cargo and passengers).-Railroads: are the nations leading carrier of freight between cities. Trucking and Marine shipping move cargo efficiently. Mass Transit: Public Transportation Is the transit is the system of public transportation for moving people on buses, trains, light rail, and subways.There a decrease on the percent in buses because Americans love cars. Families are more than one.
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