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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Heating and CoolingThe ability to maintain desired temperatures is one of the mostimportant accomplishments of modern technology. Our ovens,freezers, and homes can be kept at any temperature we choose this is thanks to fuels like :natural gas electricity and heating oil To Save Energy at Homemaintain heating and cooling systems properly use programmable thermostats to control indoor temperature make sure ther is adequate insulation in walls and atti spaces use weatherstrippingand caulking to reduce air inflitration LightingLighting is essential to a modern society. ights have revolutionized theway we live, work, and play Saving Energy on Heating and Coolingƒ MaintenanceMaintaining equipment in good working order is essential to reducingenergy costs. ƒ Programmable ThermostatsProgrammable thermostats regulate indoor air temperatureautomatically, InsulationMost heat enters and escapes from homes through the ceilings andwallsƒ Caulking and Weather StrippingPreventing the exchange of inside air with outside air is very important. Geoexchange SystemsGeothermal heat pumps, or geoexchange units as they are often called, can use low temperaturegeothermal energy to heatand cool buildings. Building DesignThe placement, design, and construction materials used can affect the energy efficiency of homes and buildings. Making optimum use of thelight and heat from the sun is becoming more prevalent, especially in commercial buildings ƒ Water HeatingHeating water uses more energy than any other task, except for homeheating and coolingƒ RefrigeratorsRefrigerators have changed the way we live and have brought healthbenefits to our livesƒ Washers and DryersBefore washers and dryers, doing the laundry meant hard physical workall day, no matter what the weather homes still use the traditional incandescent light bulbsinvented by Thomas Edison.Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) are more common in homes now. Thanks to the appliances tasks that used to take hours are now accomplishedin minutes , using the electricity: The United States is a highly industrialized society.Every industry uses energy, but there are six energy-intensive industriesthat use the majority of the energy consumed by the industrial sector and they are:1. Petroleum RefiningRefineries need energy to convert crude oil into transportation fuels,heating fuels, chemicals, and other products2. Steel ManufacturingThe energy is used to convert iron ore and scrap metal intohundreds of products we use daily3. Aluminum ManufacturingIt takes huge amounts of electricity to make aluminum from bauxite,or aluminum ore.4. Chemical Manufacturing We use chemicals in ourmedicines, cleaning products, fertilizers, and plastics, as well as inmany of our foods. 5. Cement ManufacturingSome people think the United States Some people think the New roads and buildings are being built everywhere, every day. The AutomobileThe people in the United States have always had a love affair with theautomobileƒ Mileage RequirementsMost of the improvements in automobile efficiency have been theresult of mandates by the federal government such as CAFE standards. Alternative FuelsThere is also a push to develop vehicles that run on fuels other thanpetroleum products or on blended fuels. Today, there are vehicles thatrun on electricity, natural gas, propane, biodiesel, ethanol, and hydrogen. Commercial TransportationThe United States is a large country. We use a lot of energy movinggoods and groups of people from one place to anotherƒ TrucksTrucks use more transportation fuel than any other commercial vehicle. ƒ PlanesSince 1980, the number of passengers on planes has more thandoubled. Planes all use petroleum products for fuel, which is the largestcost item for air transport after labor. The airline industry has been aleader in efficiency. Energy Consumption(USA) Transportation Sector Residential and Commercial Sector Industrial Sector District Energy SystemsA district system canreduce equipment and maintenance costs, as well as produce energysavings.It is use where thereare many buildings cloesetogether this can works with fossil fuels or renewable energy
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