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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Thomas E. Hill Built The Hotel on the lake and honeysuckle hill. Thomas and Philo Stacy had a plan to create a dam in the middle of a stream in the village. BOATHOUSE lunch grapefruit juice orange juice lake ellyn is now located at 645 lenox road. beverages the many of 40 mg caffeine It was built 75 years ago. luggage H E L P M E Lake Ellyn Hotel On april 1890 the hotel was at a cost of $125,000. ERROR____SHUTTING DOWN. ++ 0 0 ++ ++ ++! The hotel was open for a while later it got struck by lighting and burned down in 1856. The people who made the hotel thought it would attract more tourists but it failed. Only 16 or 20 tourists came. SOURCES: Glen Ellyn park district and Lake Ellyn long ago was just wasteland, but now its a landmark. People still ice skate on there in winter.In the summer, they have 4th of July show and a boat regatta.In the fall they have a Turkey TrOT. \ The hotel had many rooms it was used for sleeping, gatherings, dancing, ice skating and a healing center. People called it a healing center because it was one of the few places with natural water and minerals because it had a spring.It seem to be like medicine, many people felt like it was curing them from their illnesses. The hotel and springs co. broke ground for Glen Ellyn. One of the reasons real estate begin to boom. People begin to move here. Hotel Lake Ellyn was by the boat House known as the one story recreation center. the hotels prices rasied from $2.00 to $3.00 per day.
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