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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website Valentin e Enders Game This story is about the life of a child and how he is separated from his family and trained to the fullest extent to the point where he will save the earth from its most dangerous threat yet. Graft Peter Other facts The fate of humanity rests in one small child Ender A small child with a big heart and a bigger brain. Fights only for himself and knows the real enemy isn't the buggers Enders sister, kindest and most considerate of the Wiggin family. Loves and fears the fact the Ender is the savior of the planet Enders brother, brings out the fear in all who deal with him. Created the idea that Ender is violent and more of a killer than himself. Controls Enders life after he signs up. Trains Ender to the limit and makes him the strongest he could ever be. 70 years ago Earth was invaded by aliens known as Buggers. After a second assault by these aliens, humans realized they were outclassed and needed an upgrade. So the world made an alliance and did their best to train ultimate soldiers to bring the fight to the buggers. Though as time has gone by, Russia has gotten shaky and began to set for war. So if things don't go smoothly with this, things will go sour fast for the world. Brings out the fear in anyone he deals with and has brought out the killer side of Ender tap and hold to changethis text! tap and hold to changethis text! http://www.theguardi may/14/enders-game -scott-card-review Review http://www.hatrack.c om/osc/about.shtml Biography
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