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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Life of Books 2007-2013 Abarat2007 Abarat is a bit dementedbut it really interested meit has pictures too and the art is astonishing but stilldemented I would only recommend it to a few people Cirque Du Freak (12 book series)2008 I absolutely love this book seriesI was introduced to it by my sixthgrade teacher and I've been in love with it since it is amazing and I was astonished that I wasable to read so much in such a short time and I would definitely recommend this series Hatchet2009 I honestly don't remembermuch of this book but the little that I remember is quite interesting, I like thebook and I might reread itin the future and I wouldrecommend this book The Outsiders2011 This book was absolutelyamazing it instantly got my interest and I reallywant to read it again I'd recommend this book Fahrenheit 4512012 This was a bit of a hard readfor me mainly because of theatrociously slow and boringbeginning but it was actuallya very creative and interestingbook I'd only recommend thisbook to book worms Executive Orders2012 I'm not going to lie, I hatedthis book I read it for AR andit was extremely boring I would rather slam my head into a wall than read anotherTom Clancy book, this was thesecond book that I read of his that bored me to tears I wouldn't recommend this book Much Ado About Nothing2013 For it being a Shakespeare this bookis hilarious it is a play so it's kind ofhard to read but it is a great bookwith it being written in the era itwas there are parts that are veryconfusing and difficult to understandI would only recommend this to intelligent people who like difficult books The Name of the Star2013 I am currently reading this bookand so far it's very interestingmy friend let me borrow the bookand she told me to read it and so far I don't regret it and with whatI've already read I would recommendthis book Michael GrilloPeriod 3
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