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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A web of sewer, pipe, and wire connects each house to the others.In 206 a dog sleeps by the stove where a small gas leak causes himto have visions; visions that are rooted in nothing but gas.Next door, a man who has decided to buy a car part by partexcitedly unpacks a wheel and an ashtray.He arranges them every which way. Its really beginning to takeshape.Out the garage window he sees a group of ugly childrenenter the forest. Their mouths look like coin slots.A neighbor plays keyboards in a local cover band.Preparing for an engagement at the high school prom,they pack their equipment in silence.Last night they played the Police Academy Ball andall the officers slow-danced with target range silhouettes.This year the theme for the prom is the Tetragrammaton.A yellow Corsair sails through the disco parking lotand swaying palms presage the lot of young libertines.Inside the car a young lady wears a corsage of bullet-sized rodents.Her date, the handsome cornerback, stretches his talons over themolded steering wheel.They park and walk into the lush starlit gardens behind the discojust as the band is striking up.Their keen eyes and ears twitch. The other coupleslook beautiful tonight. They stroll around listeningto the brilliant conversation. The passionate speeches.Clouds drift across the silverware. There is red larkspur,blue gum, and ivy. A boy kneels before his date.And the moon, I forgot to mention the David Berman The moon - David Berman David Berman was born on 4 January 1967 (age 49)Williamsburg, Virginia He retired in 2009 and quit music Saying we are all connected Him and his father have a unbelievable distance relationship and in his mind his father USA demon The theme: it shows how we are all connected but show difference and how sometimes we overlook things that seem sly minor but could impact a entire group Zack Osvold hr1
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