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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Plot Summary Chronology of Events Themes of the Novel Relevance to Today Mildred: -Blends in with Society-Is not a free-thinker-Absorbed in technology-Refuses to understand Montag Clarisse:-Considered an Outcast-Isn't afraid to ask questions-Unique -Is happy with how she lives-Knows a lot about the world and her society Guy Montag:-Fireman who secretly reads books-Misguided-Questions if he's truly happy-Doesn't like the society he lives in-Confused Cpt. Beatty-Complex-Full of contradictions-Tries to understand the universe-Manipulates Montag Faber:-Manipulative of Montag-Coward, but has courage inside of him-Motivation is complex-Believes people should think independently Mildred's Friends-Conformed to society-Just like Mildred-Boring-Absorbed in Technology-Can't think for themselves Mechanical Hound:-programmed to track Montag-Attacks those who keep books-Hunts those with the trace of books on them The themes of Fahrenheit 451 are censorship and ignorance of knowledge.Censorship is the act of censoring, or blocking out, certain material that a higher power deems inappropriate. Ignorance of Knowledge is the inabilityto learn because of restrictions that are set. Fahrenheit 451 does have a relevance to today.In society, we are constantly seeing changesmade to technology to better improve the worldwe live in. But, is it really helping us, or harming usi instead? In the future, the peoplecould be living in a society similar to that of F451. This is because people will begin to absorb themselves in technology and tune outany other way of learning. People will forgethow to feel emotions and just go along with what society says is normal. Guy Montag is a fireman in a futuristicsociety. In this world, a fireman starts fires rather that extinguishing them. Booksare not allowed and the firemen set firesto any houses that may contain them.However, Montag keeps a secret and is privately storing books. What Montag learnsthrough these books is that his society is controlling and he is not truly happy with hislife. Throughout the book, Montag is constantlylooking for a way to escape his life and startfresh. -Montag explains his life and role in society-Montag meets Clarisse-Clarisse asks many questions for Montagto answer-Mildred overdoses on pills-Clarisse is hit by a car-Beatty visits Montag at home and explains why books are banned-Montag begins reading -Montag visits Faber and asks for his help -Faber and Montag make a plan to copy books-Mildred's friends attack Montag about his books-Alarm is called on Montag and his cover is blown-Montag kills Beatty-Montag retrieves his other books and visits Faber-Montag leaves his community and meets other intellectuals to start a new life
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