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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The student thinks that he has to enjoy life. He feels like partying and getting okay grades at the same time. Beging part of a community is necessary. Begin healthy and healthy eating is okay but it is not the biggest worry in life. Having fun with friends is more important. Cheap and good food is nice, and fast food has to be eaten sometimes He sees other students as their role models. Studentssee each other as an example. If one students startsto eat more healthy, others will do that to. He sees more healthy food in super markets and more healthystudent recipes online. He notices that the culture of fast food is changing into a culture of healthy sustained food. He hears other students talk about going to the gym, healthier food and beer. Students care about each others opinion. They want to belong to a group where others belong to. Everything he hears will be remembered. Students will give their own opinion, based on opinions of others. They do have something to say for themselves, but they do add value to opinion of others. They say they drink more than they do and they go more the gym more than they do. Healthy food is a female thing and men love meat. - opinion of others - healthy food is for girls- lazy - going out often - healthier lifestyle - better body- still eat fast food - being part of a community
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