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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Dolphins and whales squeal after pleasant moments, researchers noticed long ago, such as receiving a tasty fish treat." From sup that these happy sounds are genuin expressions of delight vhemes = visual + themesstart by dragging a predesigned vheme onto the canvas Did you know that some animals like an elephant and dolphins show emotions similiar to humans. "In the wild, joy is an emotion that elephants have no shame in showing. They express their happiness and joy when they are amongst their loved ones-family and friends. Playing games and greeting friends or family members all elicit displays of joy" "Scientists have spotted elephants assisting others that are injured, plucking out tranquilizing darts from their fellows, and spraying dust on others' wounds" "All animals share the capacity for emotions, she explained, but the part of the dolphin brain associated with processing emotional information is particularly expanded." "And on at least one occasion, researchers have watched an elephant struggle to help a dying friend, lifting her with her tusks and trunk, while calling out in distress". It is not a suprise that there are pictures of a mother bringing her injured young to its final resting place The one event that stirs a level of elephant happiness beyond compare is the birth of a baby elephant this UNFORGETTABLE FOR ELEPHANT.S Elephants expierence sadness,joy,love,jealousy,fury,grief,and compassion. They show emotion like humans like grief and caring for their young. During one trip,the researcher and his team saw a sad moment where a mother was mourning over her calf Josh de GrootMs. Willoughby English,Period 113 January 2015
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