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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I'm very persistent in the things I do and watch. When I start something, I want to finish it, so I want to finish the shows I started. hours of watching one show 150 7 Want to travel to places outside of the U.S I have always lived in the same city my whole life, so I want to get out and see how other people and I want to learn about their culture. 10 years of dreaming to becoming a chef I love to be creative, so I love the idea to make your own food and being creative with it. 3 Siblings Having older siblings has guided me to make the right decisions in my life by learning from their mistakes. 416 double click to change this header text! Hours of watching Netfix Some of the shows on Netflix has caused me to think about my life and has made me think about what im going to do after school. 8 Years of basketball Has influenced me to just never give up no matter what because you can always come back and recover. It has also influenced me to always be a good sport even if they aren't being one. 65 Have read Books Reading chapter books has made my reading level increase. 9 Want to live alone in years (After all my schooling) double click to change this header text! I want to live alone because I am a very independent person and I want to take care of myself. 1 year of Golf Has made me more patient and has made me be able to concentrate a lot easier. 1 Nephew This little boy has brought so much happiness to my life. His bright-shining face just makes you want to smile. 2 Cats Having two cats has taught me responsibility and how to take care of the things I have. 0 Children in the future I could never have the responsibility of taking care of another person. To much stress. 12 Years of school (w/ preschool) School has taught me everything I know and has helped me make friends that I will hopefully have forever. 5,400 Days on Planet Earth Want to have a least Years of college 4 I want to further my life and further my schooling by finishing college. In my many days on Earth I have learned many different things, but the most important thing I learned was to be honest.
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