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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History behind the caste syestym by Elizabeth Trevino the cast system is broken into 5 groups shudra witch is people in india who are unskilled labors ,servants.vaishya our common people,farmers or merchants.kshatriya our people who are ruers or warriors.and Brahmin our people in charge of every thing religious like priest or rituals and the 5th group is untouchables they our people who pick up trash and live in a dump if you are a untouchable u have to bang sticks together to let people know your coming vaishya SHUDRA vaishya our common people farmers or merchants they our people who have more rights then shudra shudra is one of the lowest classes in india. they our people who our unskilled people or servents . Kshatriya kshatriya our the rulers and warriors of india Brahim Brahmin our people in charge of everything the government they also perform rituals untouchables untouchables our people who are mistreated and live in a dump they our at the bottom of india society they have to bang sticks when they come you cant touch anbodys shawdow or you can become a untouchable 5 groups of india society why the caste syestym was made the caste syestym was made for religiousand also because india government belive that india should be broken up so there wasent a lot of conflict how the caste system effected indias society is it set boundries and certain rules for each caste group it decied who you can marry who you eat with it also determines what religion you belong to
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