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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Elie Wiesel beginning of the the war Chiled hood Elie was born on sep. 30 1928. he had a mothe father and three sisters.they grew up in sighet with his family he was very religous jewis child AT the begening elie and his family remained compleatly oblivious one day the got a tast of it but ignored the worings then hungairein police came and put them in the getoes where they stayed until they were deported to the conseitration camp consinteation camp elie his parents and his youngest sisterwere sent to aswites a consentration camp he was seperated from his mother andsister and had to go with his father they stayed in the consintration camp for ayear until his dad died 4 monthes before liberation end of the war after the war elie was reunited with his 2 elder sisters and dedicated his life to stop thisfrome hapining agin elies nobel prise Elie he was awarded with a Nobel peace prize in 1986 for wanting to stop a repeat of the holicost to hapen agen exeption speach "it happened yesterday or eternitiesago. A young Jewish boy discovered thekingdom of night. I remember his bewilderment.I remember his anguish. It all happenedso fast. The ghetto. The deportation. The sealedcattle car. The fiery altar upon which the historyof our people and the future of mankind weremeant to be sacrificed" this is a very meaning parigraph in elies exepton speach. Work cited
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