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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What's the difference?African and Asian Elephants African Elephant (Loxodonta) Both -Slightly larger than Asian -larger ears-Ears resemble the continent Africa-Ears radiate heat to keep warm-Trunks have two finger like things at the end they can use to grab smaller things-Two subspecies: Savanna (or brush) elephant and Forest elephant-Savanna elephants are larger and their tusks curve outward-Forest elephants are darker and their tusks are straighter and downward pointing-Savanna: live in family units over about 10 but sometimes join with other families and make a clan of up to 70-Forest:live in smaller groups-One calf is born every 2.5-9 years-Live about 70 years-Females are mostly fertile from age 25 and 45-Males can successfully compete for mating around 20 years-Mainly eat leaves and branches off of bushes and trees-Used to roam from the mediteranian sea to the southern tip of Africa-currently forest elephants live in west central Africa-currently savanna elephants live in eastern and southern Africa -After showering themselves by sucking up water then spraying it all over themselves with their trunks they spray themselves witha protective covering of dust-Trunk is used for smelling,breathing,trumpeting,drinking and grabbing things-Trunk alone contains about 100,000 different muscles-Don't sleep much-Migration patterns have been cut off by human settlement Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus indicus) -Slightly smaller than African elephants-Smaller more round ears than African elephants-Trunks have one finger like thing at the end they can use to grab smaller things-Worshiped by some and used in ceremonies and some religious purposes-Very sociable forming in groups of 6-7-Babies start eating grass and foliage at about 7 months-Start making independent decisions at about 4 years-Fully grown at 17-Sexualy mature at age 9 but most males aren't sexualy active until age 14-15-In the best conditions females give birth to a calf every 2.5-4 years-In unfavorable conditions they give birth every 5-8-Baby elephants weigh anywhere from 50-150kg.-More than of the day is spent eating-Always near a clean water source of water-Originally roamed from modern day Iraq and Syria to the Yellow River in china-Now are only found from India to vietnam-More than 100,000 Asian elephants were estimated to be alive at the beginning of the 20th century and that population is estimated to have dropped at least 50% in the last 65-70 years
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