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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Electricity and Solar Energy Electricity: What is it? What does electricity do? Solar Energy: What do solar panels do? How do we get electricity fromwhere it is made to where it is used? When electrons move among the atoms of matter, a current of electricity is created. This is what happens in a piece of wire. The electrons are passed from atom to atom, creating an electrical current from one end to other. The electricity first goes to a transformer at the power plant that boosts the voltage up to 400,000 volts. When electricity travels long distances it is better to have it at higher voltages. Another way of saying this is that electricity can be transferred more efficiently at high voltages.The long thick cables of transmission lines are made of copper or aluminum because they have a low resistance, The blades of the turbine are attached to a hub that is mounted on a turning shaft. The shaft goes through a gear transmission box where the turning speed is increased. The transmission is attached to a high speed shaft which turns a generator that makes electricity. Solar energy is energy derived from the Suns radiation. The Sun is an powerful source of energy and provides the Earth with as much energy every hour as we collectively use in a year worldwide. All light, including sunlight, contains energy the energy turns into heat, but when light hits certain materials, like a solar panel, the energy instead turns into an electrical current, which we can then harness for power Sources
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