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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Lightbulb What gave him the idea? At the time, many scientists wanted to improve the Ark Lamp, a light that provided sudden flashes of light. The lights had many flaws, so many scientists wanted to improve it. One of these inventors was Edison. He wanted to light up the world, and he was successful. Along the way As a young boy,Thomas Edison loved science. Electricityreally fascinated him. He wanted to make our daily lives "brighter" When the lightbulb was invented, it had flaws. So, along the way, he made revisions to the lightbulb. One part that Edison needed to revise was the filament. (the little piece of wire inside.) He tested THOUSANDS of filaments, and finally found what one to use. Another addition that he added was the Edison Screw.(shown here) How has it effected our lives now? When Edison invented the lightbulb, positive effects were discovered like hidden treasures. One effect that it had on us was longer work hours. We can now get more work done after sundown. Another effect was that it inspired us to create electric inventions. It was proved possible with Edison, and now we wanted to change the world, too. Sources Cited:"The History of the Light Bulb." Web. <> "Light Bulb History - Invention of the Light Bulb." Light Bulb History - Invention of the Light Bulb. Web.<>. Created by Ashley B. Today, we are lucky for the light we have. We take it for granted. But a long time ago, nobody had this light. Here's some history that lit up our world. Frith, Margaret, and John Brien. Who Was Thomas Alva Edison? New York, N.Y.: Grosset Dunlap, 2005. Print.
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