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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Botswana 2009: peaceful, free, 2014: peaceful, credibleMauritius 2010: peaceful, credible, orderly, free,2014: transparent, peaceful, free Namibia 2009: transparent, peaceful, credible, free, 2014: peaceful, credible South Africa 2009: transparent, credible, free, 2014: peaceful, orderly SADC ELECTORAL GUIDELINES Fairness ? Hand book REFORM CSO FAIRNESS "Fair? What has Fairness got to do with it?" FAIRNESS Importance of fairness! What is fair? How can fairness be guaranteed? SEAC DISCOURSE & LOBBYING IEC SEAC ECF Full participation of the citizens in the political processFreedom of associationPolitical toleranceRegular intervals for elections as provided for by the respective National ConstitutionsEqual opportunity for all political parties to access the state mediaEqual opportunity to exercise the right to vote and be voted forIndependence of the Judiciary and impartiality of the electoral institutionsVoter educationAcceptance and respect of the election results by political parties proclaimed to have been free and fair by the competent National Electoral Authorities in accordance with the law of the land.Challenge of the election results as provided for in the law of the land Guide lines fair fair fair fair Do we need all criteria? There are different interpretations. What's about fairness? new new PROJECT
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