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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Join our campaign for professionally delivered library & information services at the 2015 General Election. Find out more: Identify community and/or user needs and design services to meet these needs,including access to employment, learning support, digital inclusion, health, rehabilitation Trained to meet diverse user needs Information experts Knowledge of copyright legislation, technologies and platforms, data protection and information management Engaged in training & CPD, professional accreditation and revalidation; and sharing of expertise through mentorship, knowledge sharing and volunteering Run and manage the library, information and knowledge services systems that underpin our government,infrastructure, public services, culture, education and commerce Expertise in information in all its forms, and its retrieval, management, use, storage and processing The public, government, corporations, entrepreneurs, job-seekers, students, professionals,the disabled, special interests, researchers, prisoners, patients, carers and children Up to date, skilled practitioners Guide users in using information effectively, safely & legally Develop services that meet real needs Underpin our economy and society Facilitate literacy, learning, development and opportunity QUALIFIED LIBRARY & INFORMATIONPROFESSIONALS: Helping to fulfil the potential of individuals, communities and organisations @CILIPinf o#cilipelec t
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