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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Electromagnetic Spectrum Properties Earth AstronomyRadio longest wave length from Transmit info through Composition motion and football field to our planet radio structure of planets stars, etc Microwaves high frequency end of cooks food by forcing the penetrates snow, rain, and haze the spectrum water and fat to rotateInfrared just beyond the spectrum remotes, cameras, detecting detecting planets, stars and nebula like hot and cold detecting lava force & forest fire formation of stars, planets & galaxies Near Infrared waves are beyond the determines the health of plants penetrates gas giants & to study the visible spectrum and the composition of soil composition of the atmosphereVisible Light small portion of light that makes our sky, flashlight etc determines the heat of stars & length can be seen by the naked eye of planetsUltraviolet shorter wave length used to trap insects, sunburn (most study stars, structure, composition (UVA, UVB, UVC,) of the ozone collects harmful light and evolution of galaxiesX Rays 1.03 to 3 nano meters in examines bones in the body) detects objects that are million of degrees C wave length( referred for energy) like novas and black holesGamma Rays smallest wave length nuclear explosions, lightning & less determines elements on other planets in the spectrum produced dramatic activity of radio active decay hottest & most enregetic objcts
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