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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 We are a company that cares about constantly innovate to provide quality products to our market. MARKET STRUCTURE. The quality of our products makes them stand apart from our competitors We focus towards a target market with a high economic position in order to be one of the most famous and important cosmetics brands. We have the necessary technology for the manufacture of our product. COSTUMER´S BEHAVIOR Substitution effect Preference Type Type of consumer preference Income effect Cheaper brands offering products with similar characteristics. Transitivity of preferences as consumers change of taste. Will be directly affected by your income, because our product is no staples Is likely to be replaced du to the wide range of direct competitors in the market. TYPE GOOD Economic good Final good Luxury good Elastic Demand Price elasticity Related Products Cross elasticity Competitors: Aguilar Bello Alejandra PaolaBurgos Elizalde FernandaFranco Martínez DenysseMorales Camacho Lourdes Ximena Because it connects to customer satisfaction, having a price and established production. Meets the needs of beauty and self-esteem. Our product does not need another transformation Consumption is connected to the lifestyle of the target market. Commodity The price affects the preference for a substitute product As our product is luxurious, does not generate consistent cart There are more complementary goods substitutes for our product, there is a risk that the customer prefers another Competitor There are complementary goods that are used as sponges and applicators MAC, Maybelline, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique, L'BEL. Those are focused on the prices, quality and chemical components Income elasticity It is a higher good. income will determine the consumption of the product, but not the quantity
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