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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Police in our world today use technology for almost everything. How much does an abundance of it affect their work? Police and Technology Not enough- Too much- Without cameras, police can have a hard time gaining evidence in a case. (Use of police force also dropped 60% when officers wore cameras on the job) Without GPS's, it's almost impossible to find a lost person. "Communicate exact coordinates to rescue and medical vehicles". Without radios, police have a hard time communicating. (Police radios allow for fast communication, and give police officers the ability to adapt to a situation) Too many cameras makes it hard to gather consistent evidence. (Too many can counteract themselves) GPS's have become so advanced, the common police officer often has trouble using them. (GPS's save people thousands of dollars every year because they allow police to track criminals that have stolen things from someone, and arrest them) Tracking devices can provide false information, only adding more confusion in a situation. (700 million dollars are spent on tracking devices annually, and police forces take up a big portion of this) Radios can be manipulated, and can also provide false info to police officers. "Radio communications are sporadic at best" - quote from a news broadcast in Detroit on police radios An abundance of police protection leaves police officers venerable. (36% of officers who died in fatal shootings from 2003 to 2012 weren't wearing any armor) Too much protection can slow down officers, and can also be confusing (too many pieces of technology can counteract themselves/ work against each other to do more good than bad to an officer) Without tracking devices, it would be very hard to keep track of criminals. (Tracking devices are used to make sure criminals are cooperating and not doing anything illegal) tap and hold to changethis text! Sources-,,,, police, and
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