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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A CENTURY AGO ! Speed of Light is CONSTANT Time is RELATIVE To an Observer Time slows down in very very very fast speed The Theory of Relativity Einstein proposed or in places with great gravitaltional force So lets say that there are twin brothers on earth one, stayed on earth one, went to outer space with a very fast vehicle to a star with large gravity pull Years passed The two meet again, But they arent quite the same the one who stayed grew old and the other didn't age as much the reason is found in the theory of relativity. the twin who stayed on earth had the same time. The other twin who traveled at high speed and through huge gravity pull had time run slower. thus making him age less. this is the: Twin Paradox General Relativity Mass distorts space-time The more greater the mass, the greater the warping these means anything near the object would also follow the same curvature. like orbits and so does LIGHT from then, einstein became world famous and people started to accept It was found that a star near the sun, has a differentactual position the theory was tested in the solar eclipse of 1919 The Theory of Relativity ActualPosition SeenPosition application of the theory!!! The GPS (global positioning system) is all possible because of the theory of relativity With its 24 satellite circling the world run by atomic clocks anyone with GPS can be located with accuracy WHY? the system uses time signal from receiver and satellites to calculate distance of GPS Time in earth surface different in atmosphere The Theory of Relativity because of less gravitational force orbiting clock45 microsecond faster per day Relativity help adjust rates of clock and solve the problem
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