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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to Survive and Prevent Animal Attacks Most sharks won't attack you, but it does happen. So here are a few helpful tips in case of an attack:- Watch the shark and know where it is all the time- Don't make sudden movements- Swim away with smooth movements- If diving, go to the bottom of the ocean floor or hide behind a reef or rock- If a shark points it's fins down, arches head upward, and starts swimming in sudden movements - be prepared for an attack- If attacked, punch or kick the shark's eyes, gills, or nose- When swimming in shark infested waters, carry a sharp object or stick- If it leaves, get out of the water as fast as possible- Don't thrash when getting out of water as blood may disperse- Wear dark clothes - bright colors attract sharks Crocs and Gators aren't usually a threat to humans, but every once in a while an attack is recorded. Thesetips may save your life. - Stay away from infestedwaters- Don't dangle arms or legs off a boat- Keep your distance when walking on shore- Avoid thick vegetation- Stay at least 15 feet away from one- Avoid water becausethey are faster on water- The record speed ofa Croc on land is 10 mph, so a fit human could easily outrun one- If attacked, punch or kick theeyes or nostrils Bears are generally very reclusive creaturesbut if cornered or they see youthreatening their cubs, they may attack. Here are some survival tips just in case: - Keep your distance - 300 feet- They can run 35 mph, and horsesrun 55 mph- If seen by a bear at long distance,speak in a low, calm voice (it doesn't matter what you say)- Keep an eye on the bear, but avoid direct eye contact- If a bear is close to you, look big- If in a forest with bears, talk loudly and carry a "bear bell" (a bell to tell bears you are coming)- If attacked hit the bear with anythinghandy- If there is nowhere else to go, tryclimbing a sturdy tree with a lot of limbs SOURCES "WikiHow." <i>- How to Do Anything</i>. Web. 10 Feb. 2015. &lt;;."''The Ultimate Survival Manual'' Book by Rich Johnson." <i>''The Ultimate Survival Manual'' Book by Rich Johnson</i>. Web. 10 Feb. 2015. &lt;;. BY: BEN M. YOU MAY NOT THINK MUCH OF THESE TIPS, BUT THEY COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE. THESE ARE A FEWANIMALS THAT HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO ATTACKHUMANS: SHARKS GATORS&CROCS
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