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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cheating in Soccer Typical Methods vs Unusual Methods SHOT-IN-THE-HEART-GAMBITWhen a player falls to the groundclutching a body part to avert accusationsof an unintentional handball FIREWORKSChilean goalkeeper Roberto Rojas, 1989, clutchedhis head and claimed to have been struckfrom a firework from the crowd, but he had reallycut his face with a concealed blade Cheating in Soccer MOVING THE GOALPOSTSSwedish goalkeeper Kim Christensen hoistedhis goalposts from their foundations andmoved them an inch inward on either sideduring a match between IFK Gothenburg andOrebro in September 2009 DOPINGEphedrine: stimulant, increases strengthand endurance, helpful in workoutsEPO: alternative to blood doping, hormonethat stimulates red blood cell production ex. Argentinian player Diego Maradona removed from 1994 World Cup after testing positive for 5 variants of ephedrineAnabolic Steroids: synthetic variant of malesex hormone testosterone, increase musclemass and strength MANIPULATING AN OPPONENTChilean Bryan Carrasco grabbed the arm ofhis opponent and used it to hit himself in theface during a U20 match with Ecuador in 2011; he was awarded a free kick FANCY BALL BOYSA Brazilian Ball Boy knocked the ball intothe net right after Santacruzense missedthe shot; the referee did not see this and countedthe shot, making the game a 1-1 draw againstAtletico Sorocaba BITINGLuis Suarez Uruguay, World Cup 2014, suspended for 4 months and fined 100 000Swiss francs for biting Italy player Giorgio Chiellini (this was his third biting incident) QUESTIONS BEING BLINDEngland midfielder Frank Lampard shot a goal that went over the goal line, but German goalie Manuel Neuer grabbed the ball and put it back into the play, pretending nothing happened, as the goal was not signalled; thisgoal was never counted What forms of cheating are there in soccer?Is cheating a part of the sport? Whats the most common form of cheating? The most effective? THE FACE CLUTCHTechnique to tell officials that they have been struck, punched, touched, or nearly touched in the face by an opponent ex. Croatian player Slaven Bilic in World Cup 1998, after an imagined blow from Frances Laurent Blanc, ensuring the defender got a red card and missed the final DIVINGFalling theatrically to deceive officials ofbeing hit by a player of the opposing team,resulting in a yellow card and apenalty kick Fiona MacDonald & Shuyu Guo
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