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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Video and film resolution: Resolution consist of frames with in a picture or a video. The higher the frames per second the better the resolution of a video is. Bit depth: bit depth is the amount of colours which can be stored in a single image.For an example a 8 bit image stores up to 256 colors where as 24 bit image can store up to 16 million colours. Bit rate:A bit rate is the amount of bit per second within some sort of content. Video container: A container is a file format which is commonly used to group a sequence of images or different audios into one single file. Video codec: Codecs can be used for coding and decoding stuffs. It is also used to compress files and decompress them. This is very helpful as everyone wants to transfer their file at a small size. Compression: Compression isthe act of scalingdown a file size.This can be becausethe user wants tosave some spaceor that they want to transfer the file at less time. Colour space:(YCBCR) In thistype of colour space the Y represents the brightness of the colour and there are two different colours.Firstly CB represents one of the colour signal and CR illustrates the other Chroma subsampling: Chroma subsampling is the process of reducing the colour resolution in a video. Usually the twosignal colors are compressed. This is because the human eyeis more sensitive to the brightness than the colours sothis is why they reduce the colours rather than brightness. Colour space:(YUV) In this type of colour space the Y isthere for brightness. The U and V are the colour itself. Unlike itis YCBCR where CB and CRrepresents two different coloursbut in YUV the colour is themixture of U and V.
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