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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 His first wife was Joan- their children were: Kara, Patrick, and Teddy Jr. True Compass: A Memoir do J.F.K was his godfather as hewas about 14 years olderthan him. His nickname was Teddy, or Ted, because hisname was Edward. He went to college at Harvard and played football there. He was the youngest of nine children. Born on February 22, 1932, that is on George Washington's birthday so J.F.K.wanted to namehim George. His mom was Rose Fitzgeraldand his father was JosephKennedy. His siblings were Jack(John),Joe,Bobby,Eunice,Rosemary,Pat,Kathleen, andJean. As a childhe went toGibbs schoolin London. As a result of cheating on a testhe was kicked out of Harvard. He could come back in a yearif he found something useful to doin that year, so he went to the military. After he graduated he became a senator. On February 19, 1964 he was in a planethat crashed. One of the other two men on the plane was able to save Edward. They got him to the hospital in time to savehim. He suffered a punctured lung and a broken back. His brothers Bobby and J.F.K. were murdered. After J.F.K waskilled, he ran forpresident. His second wifewas Vicki afterhe and Joan gotdivorced. He knew PresidentObama, he was even at EdwardKennedy's birthday party. He got to throwout the firstceremonialpitch at FenwayPark. He lived withcancer towardsthe end of hislife.
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