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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Use Save Invest Maintain Explore Plan Enrol - Hired Not Eligible- Newly Eligible (w/ & w/o EzE)- Newly Eligible DC/H&I (w/ & w/o EzE)- Tenured Enrolled (w/ & w/o EzE)- Provide Phone & Email Address- Setup eDelivery- Setup Beneficiary - Enrolled, but Not Contributing- Not Meeting Match- Off on savings , no increase in > 2 yrs- Savings 1 9.99%- Savings 10 - 14.99%- Savings = 15%+- Highly Comped- Saving to Max- On Track to Hit 402G Limit- On Track to Hit 402G Limit Not Meeting - Increased deferral- Decreased deferral- Stopped deferring (after they used to defer)- Restarted contributions, after a pause- Changed Asset Allocation- Call with service question- Checked balance on NB 5x in 1 month - ≤ 10% equity roll down- >10% equity roll down- ≥ 80% in Target Date Funds- Enrolled in Managed Account- Portfolio under performs market- Portfolio outperforms market- Off on AA and haven't changed AA in 18 months - Call guidance rep twice in one month- First time visitor to library- Used tool on NB- Visited "How Do I Compare" in NB, and currently saving below average- Visited PG&C page and received a plan, but haven't implemented it- Began learning about investing, engagement in "101" type content- Clicked on income simulator tool & called rep - Visited Planning and Guidance Center- Searched online about retirement topics- Turns 50- Turns 59.5- Turns 62 Customer Lifecycle & Journeys Use - Visited Planning and Guidance - Began receiving DB Payments- Turns 65- Turns 67- Turns 70
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