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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 edgar allan poe famous for "the raven","the tell-tale heart". born January 19,1809 in Boston,Massachusetts. he earned the nickname of"the father of the detective story. son to actors,poe didnt really know his parents.his dad left when he was young and his mom died when he was 3. when he was adopted money was a problem.when he was in college poehad to gamble to cover some ofhis college costs,but ended indebt. when poe came home he found out that his neighbor and his fiance,elmira royster had gotten engaged to someone else.poe left the allans house. poe's first book published was "tamerlane" in 1827 and he joined the army. poe went to west point(which is a military academy)1830 published another collection of books in 1829.alsogot kicked out of the academy fornot handling his duties correctly.he also decided to stop talkingto his step father. after being kicked out of the academy he moved toBaltimore,Philadelphia,and richmond. when staying with his aunt mariahe fell in love with his cousin virginia and they got married in1836(she was only 13-14) in 1835 poe worked for southernliterary messanger. in 1837 he left the magazinebecause he had developed an alcohol problem poe later worked for burton's gentleman's magazine and broadway journal. edgar allan poe died at the age of 40.1809-1849 his final resting place is at westminister hall burying groundsin Baltimore.
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