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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Five Canadian Economic Goals Environmental Stewardship Economic Growth Increased Productivity & Efficiency Steps To Achieve These Goals? Full Employment Economic Growth Environmental Stewardship Political Stability Increased Productivity & Efficiency Canada Job Grant Helps employers train newor existing employees for jobs that require a placement. Full Employment Unemployment rate reduced from 7% to 6.6% in 2014. Providing potentially $15,000 or more per person. $192 million per year, for the next 6 years. Stakeholde rs EmployersUneducated employeesUnskilled employeesUnemployed WorkersStudentsBusinesses Connecting Canadians With Available Jobs Connect unemployed workers with available jobs. Canadians considered over foreign workers. Enhances support measures provided to EI claimants. Over $10 billion annually in support of post secondary education. Increase Canadian Education levels. Skilled workers. Increase in potential workers. Increase in production possibilities. Canada's Trade Agenda Stakeholde rs Canadian CompaniesEmployees & familiesCanadian ConsumersForeign Traders Government of Canada is increasing exports of Canadian goods and services. Trade accounts for more than 60% of Canadas annual income. Lower Taxes Overseas Trade $60 billion intax reductions. Automative Innovation Fund $250 million over five years. Canada & European Union trade agreement. Market of 500million consumers. GDP of about $17 trillion Job security & new job opportunities. New production methods and process technologies. Increase in productivity and efficiency. Cleaner & more efficient automotive performance mean reduced greenhouse gases. Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan Cleaning of 1,100 sites have been going on. Provides financial assistance to clean up & manage sites. 15-year program withcommitment of $3.5 billion. Improved environment, economic development& employment opportunities. Requires construction & drilling firms, material suppliers, trucking companies, fuel & power suppliers, outfitting companies Demand for specialized skilled labour & trades Stakeholders Creates 1,500 full-time jobs in waste management and remediation industry. Economic Action Plan Close tax loopholes to keep Canadian taxes low. $2.4 billion in revenues for the federal government in 2013-14 & 2014-15. $315 million in savings in 2013-14, rising to a total of $4.4 billion over the next five years. Stakeholders CanadiansBusinessesProvincial governmentsEmployees More savings & revenue stabilize the government financially. Supports the Government to return to balanced budgets. Government Information Technology Reduce duplication in government information technology Achieve savings for taxpayers & improve service. Annual savings of $8.7 million Improve security of the Government's IT infrastructure Canada has lowest tax burden as of 2014. Political Stability Eco-energy Innovation Initiative Investing $268 million over five years To produce & use energy in acleaner and more efficient way Stakeholders Profit & non-profit organizationsElectricity & gas utility companiesIndustry & research associations, Academic institutions Real Capital
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