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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ECONOMIC GOALS INVOLVINGTHE CANADIAN ACTION PLAN & BUDGET Full Employment Full Employment 6-7% of unemployment Easy access to skills training Create employment opportunities for the persons with disabilities $11.4 million invested over four years to support the employment opportunities for persons with disabilties 1,200 youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders will benefit each year with jobs. Strength Canada's immigration system Such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Unemployment Rate $44 million spent over two years to support the Citizenship program to allow immigrants to gain employment. Immigration Canada is creating employment opportunities for newcomes in Canada Economic Growth Economic Growth GDP Protecting natural resources Investment of $28 million over 2 years to improve theconservation of natural resources Recruitment difficulties and wage pressures are particularlysevere in skilled trades occupations in sectors such as mining, oil and gasextraction and construction. Increase in skilled labor force 3 Political Stability Political Stability $60 million put towards training disciplines in high-demand fields to allow more employment opportunities Injections Outward shift on production possibilities frontier 5 BOOM Over 1 million more Canadians working today than during the recession. Decrease in unemployment! Canada's economy will be at the BOOM! Full employment "Major natural resource projects are an important source of development and job creation in all regions of Canada. " Continue to support the forestry, mineral exploration and agriculture sectors By creating employment in skilled trades occupations that help natural resources; such as mining, oil and gas extraction and construction. The more natural resources, the more jobs, the more productive output. Economic Growth Increases!! Increase in GDP & Aggregate Demand ! The Government of Canada is working to return to a balanced budget. Improving the tax system Increase Productive Resources ! TANGIBLERESOURCES Effective Use of Resources! So there will be an efficent use of resources The budget Implementation Act enabled on April 30, 2013 helps Crown Corporations'employees receive a 50:50 dstribution of income between the employer. Subsidy Equitable Distribution of Income Equitable Distribution of Income 4 Equal pay between an employeer and their employees Strong Global Demand Decreases the cost of living in Canada 5 Environmental Stewardship Environmental Stewardship Deficit Budget will become a surplus budget Deficit Budget = Revenue< Expenditures Canada's current budget Easy money policyInterest rate Transfer Payments Decrease in poverty Human Development Index (HDI) Injections > Leakages Government spendingTax Expansionary Fiscal Policy Contractionary Fiscal Policy GDP & Inflation A more stable government Protect Canada's natural enironment The Clean Energy Fund is providing $795 million to develop clean energy technologies. The cost of investing in clean energy results in prices of goods/services to rise Eliminates GDP's drawback of negative economic production (pollution, etc) Price changes have a great effect on CPI Inflation Rate Improve tax integrity estimated to raise $100 million in revenues, a total of $1 billion over the next five years. No more pollution credits! I = L Nominal GDP
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