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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Economic goals building digital skill: $60 million years to promote enrolment in key disciplines related to the digital economy, such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Canada apprentice Loan: offer interest-free loans, net cost of these loans to the Government would be $25.2 million over two years and $15.2 million per year ongoing. Canada Apprentice Loan: $100 million in interest-free loans each year. net cost of these loans to the Government would be $25.2 million over two years and $15.2 million per year ongoing. Earth rangers foundation: $ 3 million, dedicated to educating children and families about biodiversity Ecological Gifts Program: reduce federal revenues by a small amount in each of 201314, 201415 and 201516. Cleaning Up Federal Contaminated Sites: investing $1 billion over three years, commitment of $3.5 billion Climate Change Adaptation: $148.8 million investment over five years Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission: $8 million per year for costs of licensing nuclear equipment and substances Clean Air Agenda: overall commitment of $1.2 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund: $200 million federal fund delivered province-wide by the Federal Economic Development Agency, 1.7 million Canadians Automative Innovation Fund: $250 million over five years to support automotive firms directly employing 66,000 people across the country. Advancing Knowledge and Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury: Government's commitment to support spinal cord injury research at the Rick Hansen Institute. Canada Brain Research Fund: $100 million over the next six years Homelessness Partnering Strategy: $600 million over five years Investment in Affordable Housing: $253 million per year over five years we want to better your life! heres how we did Apprenticeship Completion Grants: $40 million per year in the Apprenticeship Completion Grant, total investment of $115 million per year. Approximately 25,000 apprentices whocomplete their apprenticeship training The statistics presented is examples of descriptive analytical economics. Skilled represent intangible productive resource and apprenticeship falls under labour which represent tangible productive resource. Canada represents a mixed economy and these action plan states how Canada take control of their country but do not control everything. Because the government increases employment the supply curve and demand curve both increase as people now have the ability and the want to buy and produce more. When at full employment the unemployment rate is 6-7% and we are at the boom in on the business cycle. Since Canada is a capitalist country, we elect the government to change and impact our world in a better manner. These economic goals are designed by the government we elected to help better the society. Because of this push to better out society, the supply for environmental friendly products will increase. This also increases government spending which means we will be on the recovery/expansionary part of the business cycle. Sustainable development is meet with these action plan and the government must think in terms of SCARCITY. Economic growth indicates that we are at the recovery/expansionary part of the business cycle as we want to grow and expand. This means more jobs resulting in the decrease in unemployment. Aggregate demand increasing, increase in inflation, business expand or open up. And this means more money in the economy. Government will issue floor and ceiling prices so that one does not take advantage of prices. Subsidy and quotas will also be issued for industry with trouble. Rent control will be issued. With those families that are living within a poverty, these economic action plans will help citizens who are relatively in poverty. With price stability it reduces the inequality in Canada of race, mental abilities, education, etc With innovation means moreinvestments and government spendings. With innovations companies or/and the government will issue bonds and stocks for money. As innovation continues more private ownerships will open. This means a monopoly market structure.
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