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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By looking at how commerce on the internet is evolvingwith changing global economies, and particularly as influenced by the emerging Information Economy... Our focus rests on 3 key economic fundamentals TANGIBLE GOODS We analyse howAmazon utilises the inherent qualities of the Internet to... :remove time & space barriers, :provide more consumer choice, :at low prices,enabling easy, timely & desirable commerce. : by harnessing knowledge to proactively advise consumers,: by expanding their network to provide access,: to benefit consumers via agile economies of scale We examine how Amazon employs a 'Culture of Metrics' to create a superior onlinecustomer experience... thus enabling b2c and c2c trust in their commerce offerings and transaction functionalities as well as ownership opportunities on best-purchase possibilities and methods & not least of all by gathering attention to foster brand reputation Amazon's dedication to continually develop innovative online processes has aided them in negotiating and often forging ahead in this new dual commercial environment where their trading of 1. KNOWLEDGE 2. NETWORK 3. ATTENTION INTANGIBLE GOODS to has set them apart as a leading example in the application of the L G A I T theory. The constantly evolving, multi-faceted business model adopted by Amazon provides evidence of these 3 economic fundamentals and their journey from an industrial economy to the emerging information economy. RETAIL & eTAIL using Amazon as a case study to guide us... How we have come to understand the fundamental economic basis of Internet Commerce In this new economic environment WE are both the product and the customer. Just like Amazon, we will both contribute to & utilize the knowledge, access and attention that is afforded by the Internet as online commerce continues to evolve. O N L a group project by the internet explorers team for net205 curtin university 2012
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