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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ecologist Ecologist are scientist that study the relationship between animals,plants and their enviroments Ecologists are responsible for helping us understand how natural and human-caused changes in the environment change the behaviour and number of a species, and how interactions between species and their environment change the natural world. Their research includes topics like how a habitat changes after a fire, how energy runs through ecosystems, the relationships among predators, parasites and prey, the types of plant groups in the environment , and effects of dam construction in wildlife habitats. Some ecologist do field research on land or under water,but some ecologist work in a lab or work in the community The many roles within ecology, such as marine, vegetation, and statistical ecology, supply us with information to understand the world we live in. This information can help us improve our environment, manage our natural resources, and protect human health. In order to be an ecologist you need to be interested in the natural world, the environment, ecosystems, and have a scientific mind.You also need to be accredited in a field of science such as biology. Some universities that have great ecology programs are Harvard university and the university of California. To be an entry-level ecologist, you need to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science or Biology.To become an ecologist who works in research or consulting, you will need a masters degree in environmental science or biology.Ecologist who works in research and university teaching positions need a PhD in environmental science or biology. The lowest salary of an ecologist is $36,000 a year.The median salary is $61,700 a year and the highest is about $90,000 a year.
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