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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Resources Infographic Project Ecological Blue represents Services which is 38%Red represents Food which is 14%Green represents Goods which is 24%Yellow represents Mobility which is 10%Orange represents Shelter which is 15% My Ecological Footprint I can reduce my Ecological footprint in the following ways:Services - Staying healthy and not needing the doctor.Food - Reduce the number of animal products I eat by half.Goods - Less packaging and using 100% post-consumer material.Mobility --walking, not using a car or public transportation unless necessary. Taking local trips instead of flying.Shelter - Living in a smaller home with energy efficient appliances Carbon Teal represents the US Average of carbon emissions which is 27.0%Pink represents my Carbon emissions which is 8.6%Green represents the worlds carbon emissions which is 5.5% My Carbon FootPrint I can reduce my carbon footprint in the following ways:* Use Energy Star appliances* Insulate my home* reduce, reuse and recycle*use energy efficient light bulbs*using water efficiently Water Blue represents water usage for transportation and energy which is 1,139Green represents water usage for dietary purposes which is 585Pink represents water usage for my personal products - which is 166Grey represents water usage in my home and yard - which is 163 Water Usage My Water Footprint I can reduce my Water Footprint in the following ways:*Take shorter showers*Turn off the tap when brushing my teeth*Eat less meat*Recycle clothes*Use a watering can* By: Abby Champion
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