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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EclipseBy: Stephenie Meyer Theme:Don't try to love two people at the same timeor it could hurt them both. Objective Summary:Bella Swan is a girl in a small town in Washington state.She Is being hunted by Victoria ,an angry vampire, who wants to kill her. The Cullens (a family of friendly vampires) and the warewolfs are hunting Victoria and meat her and her army of newborn vampires in the woods and defeat themall in one night. Meanwhile, Bella can't decide how to tell Jacob, a warewolf, that she loves Edward Cullen more. Bella also wants to become a vampire, so that she can be with with Edwardfor ever (because vampires are immortal). Washington State Plot:Rising Action: The warewolf packis getting larger, Victoria is trying to kill Bella, There is a killing spree in Seattle,Bella has Edward back, andBella still wants Jacob around.Climax: Victoria meets the Cullensand the pack in a clearing and Victoria is killed along with the newborn vampires.Falling Action: Jacob has to heal from the fight, Bella knows she loves Edward more. Setting: Washington State-Cullen House-Bella's House-ClearingWathington is cloudyand that makes it a good place for vampires Characters:-Bella Swan Protagonist -Edward Cullen Protagonist -Jacob Protagonist -Victoria Antagonist-Seth Clearwater Protagonist -Leah Clearwater Protagonist
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