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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ECHINODERMATA "echino" meaning "spiny"dermis" meaning "skin" "spiny skin" Found in marine habitats Ecology Control distribution of algaeand other marine organisms Predators General characteristics An echinoderm has spiny skin, an endoskeleton, a water vascular system,tube feet, and five-part radial symmetry Structure and function double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. -detects intensity of light -absorbs digested food -opening for water in the WVS -structures that operate like suction cups-for movement, feeding,respiration, circulation -found at the end of the tube feet-for locomotion, feeding -separate sexes, testes/ovaries Water vascular system (WVC) Eyespot Stomach Madreporite Sucker Reproductive glands -secrete enzymes that digest solid food into liquid Anus -excretion of solid waste (feces) Digestive glands Tube feet Reproduction - Filled with fluids- carries out respiration, circulation, and movement-most distinctive structure of echinoderms Testes Lack cephalization They don't have highly developed nervous systems Ovary Sperm Egg Egg Respiration and Circulation Water vascular system In most species, the thin-walled tissuesof the tube feet provide surface for respiration. In some species, small outgrowths called skin gills function in gas exchange. Circulation of needed materials and wastes are carried by the water vascular system. Solid wastes are released as feces. Nitrogen-containing cellular wastes are released as ammonia through the tube feetand skin gills. Examples Larvae Free-swimming larvae arebilaterally symmetric Adult Larvae swim to the ocean bottom and develop into adults SEXUAL ASEXUAL External fertilization Fission/Regeneration Trivia Classes Some sea cucumbers secrete a very sticky substance when agitated. If this gets stuck on you, you wouldn't be able to remove it without shaving your skin! Sea cucumbers can puke their guts out. When attacked by a predator, they can fling their internal organs violently and leave them. This makes their attacker confused and eventually uninterested. Man. These guys are nasty. -sea urchins and sand dollars-have large, solid plates that form boxes around their internal organs Echinoidea Ophiuroidea -brittle stars-have slender flexible arms and are speedy Holothuroidea -sea cucumbers-detritus feeders Asteroidea TriploblastsDeuterostomes -sea stars -can regenerate-when divided, each segment grows into a new organism Crinoidea -sea lilies and feather stars-oldest class-use tube feet to catch floating plankton Ophiotrix spiculata - spiny brittle fish Ophiomitrella subjecta - found in the Philipppines- no common name Long-spined sea urchinDiadema antillarum Spiny brittle starOphiotrix spiculata Red-lined sea cucumberThelenota rubralinata Sun starSolaster stimpsoni LORENZOTONGCOYOROBE
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